Research Papers & Reports

Mathematical and Computational Modelling (2023-present)

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Asian Security and Foreign Affairs (2016-present)

  1. “Faltering Friends: U.S.-India Military Cooperation in the Twenty First Century” in Sumit Ganguly and M. Chris Mason (eds.) “The Future of U.S.-India Security Cooperation” (Manchester University Press, 2021) [book].
  2. The Twin Peaks Crisis, case study for Strategic Learning, Stimson Center, Washington, DC, October 2020.
  3. S(c)helling in Kashmir: Bargaining under the nuclear shadow, The Washington Quarterly 42, no. 2 (2019): 163-186 [pdf, link].
  4. Narendra Modi’s defence policy: Ideation, management, and capabilities in Harsh V. Pant (ed.) “India’s Evolving National Security Agenda: Modi and Beyond” (New Delhi: Konark Publishers, 2019) [book].
  5. The BJP and Indian grand strategy [with Rahul Sagar] in Milan Vaishnav (ed.) “The BJP in Power: Indian Democracy and Religious Nationalism” (Washington, DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2019) [report].
  6. The sobering arithmetic of a two-front war, Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 67, July 2018. Shorter version in Harsh V. Pant (ed.) “China Ascendant: Its Rise and Implications” (Observer Research Foundation/HarperCollins, 2019), 86-96 [book].
  7. Beyond JCPOA: Examining the consequences of US withdrawal [co-edited with Harsh V. Pant], Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 63, July 2018.
  8. Pakistan’s sea-based nuclear deterrent and its asymmetric escalation strategy, Observer Research Foundation Issue Brief No. 240, May 2018.
  9. Is India ready for the Indo-Pacific? [with Harsh V. Pant], The Washington Quarterly 41, no. 2 (2018): 47-61 [pdf, link].
  10. Reclaiming the Indo-Pacific: A political-military strategy for quad 2.0, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 147, March 2018 [pdf, link].
  11. Space crises in a multipolar world: lessons from a simulation exercise [with Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan], Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 58, February 2018.
  12. India’s joint doctrine: A lost opportunity [with Shashank Joshi], Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 139, January 2018 [pdf, link].
  13. Stability, Sustainability, and Crises: The Role Tabletop Exercises in Space Crisis Dynamics Can Play in Ensuring the Long-Term Sustainability of Space [with Victoria A. Samson, Brian Weeden and Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan], Paper presented at the 68th International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide, September 2017 [pdf].
  14. Beyond India’s quest for a neoliberal order, The Washington Quarterly 40, no. 2 (2017): 145-161 [pdf, link].
  15. Political and economic governance [with Samir Saran] in “Realising the BRICS Long-Term Goals: Road-Maps and Pathways: A Proposal by the BRICS Think-Tank Council,” August 2017 [book].
  16. The four faces of 21-st century Asian geopolitics, Observer Research Foundation Issue Brief No. 178, May 2017.
  17. The strategist: how Abu Mus’ab al-Suri inspired ISIS, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 96, August 2016 [pdflink].
  18. Games Pakistanis play, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 91, May 2016 [pdflink].

Geoeconomics, Economic Policy, and Finance (2013-2017)

  1. Contributor to: Cosmina Amariei, et al., Improving the Investor Base for Local Currency Bond Markets in China, India and Indonesia, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, August 2017.
  2. The new economy of climate change, Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 12, April 2016.
  3. A geoeconomic strategy for the new normal, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 89, February 2016 [pdflink].
  4. Will Xi adopt Keynes? Post-2015 military spending and economic growth in China, Observer Research Foundation Occasional Paper No. 85, January 2016 [pdflink].
  5. Navigating the changing geoeconomic landscape [with Prashant Kumar], Observer Research Foundation Special Report No. 8, January 2016.
  6. Emerging from debt, creating jobs: Lessons from Greece, JustJobs Network, July 2015.
  7. Is Australia safe from the dark side of high frequency trading?, Tata Consultancy Services White Paper Series, June 2013.
  8. Modelling systemic risks in financial markets [SSRN]. 9th Global TACTiCS – Tata Consultancy Services Technical Architects’ Conference, 2013.

Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Complexity Science (2003-2012)

  1. Ranks of gauge groups and an NP-complete problem on the Landscape [arXiv:1212.3912].
  2. Dimension, divergence and desingularization [arXiv:1209.1257].
  3. Motives: an introductory survey for physicists [with an appendix by Matilde Marcolli], Contemporary Mathematics 539, 377- 415, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2011 [pdf, link].
  4. Turing’s Landscape: Decidability, computability and complexity in string theory [arXiv:0909.1869].
  5. Supermanifolds from Feynman graphs [with Matilde Marcolli], Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41:315402, 2008 [pdf, link].
  6. C*-algebra approach to quantum SU(2) groups [pdf]. Master of Science Thesis, University of Connecticut, 2005.
  7. A dynamical similarity approach to the foundations of complexity and coordination in multiscale systems [arXiv:q-bio/0403026]. University Scholar Thesis, University of Connecticut, 2003.