I offer political-risk analysis for inbound and outbound businesses drawing on my expertise in geopolitics, Indian foreign and defence policies, national security issues, as well as more than 14 years of academic and professional experience as a quantitative researcher. The final products I offer blend statistical trends drawing on extensive private data-sets as well as deep subject-matter expertise based on interviews with key actors.

Services for inbound businesses

For foreign businesses with significant infrastructural investments entering India, geopolitical and security risks remain a persistent concern. For entities interested in entering the Indian defence sector, the overall trajectory of Indian military acquisitions as well as domestic political risks are also issues of vital interest. For these businesses, I offer:

  • Bespoke point-estimates of Indian political risks
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of external and internal security risks
  • Deep-dive briefings and reports on India’s defence policies
  • Analyses of Indian domestic politics and bureaucracy drawing on primary bespoke research

Services for outbound businesses

As Indian businesses increase their international footprint, they are also exposed to a range of sovereign and political risks in their destination countries especially at a time of global disruptions. I have extensive scholarly and personal experience with a number of countries of interest to Indian businesses including, but not limited to, the United States and People’s Republic of China. For such businesses, I offer the following services:

  • Country risk assessment drawing on primary research as well as quantitative trends
  • Open-source intelligence assessments
  • Bespoke country-background briefings
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